NBF Releases Sustainability Workshop and Priorities Report

Feb 13, 2019

On September 26-27, 2018, the National Biodiesel Foundation (NBF) hosted a workshop in St. Louis, Missouri, which focused on technical issues associated with sustainability and land use change (LUC) as they relate to production of biodiesel fuels. This was the third in a series of bi-annual workshops organized by NBF and focused on LUC issues. The stated goals and objectives of the Workshop are the following:  

        •     Quantify sustainability aspects of biodiesel, including impacts of land use and GHG emissions.

        •     Provide updates on recent research related to sustainability and LUC.

        •     Identify information gaps where additional research is needed.

  • Promote collaboration among groups working in the areas of sustainability and LUC.
  • Promote publication of technical work on topics discussed at the Workshop.

The workshop had approximately 45 attendees, including representatives from government bodies (including National Laboratories), industry, academia, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Fifteen technical presentations were given. In addition, an organized discussion was held to identify and prioritize areas where additional research is needed.   

This Summary report highlights the topics discussed at the Workshop, as well as the knowledge gaps and future research priorities identified by the participants.  The complete workshop agenda is available on the National Biodiesel Foundation website provided here

This report is organized into the following sections: (A) Introduction, (B) Overall Workshop Highlights, (C) Summaries of Individual Presentations, and (D) Priorities and Next Steps. A glossary of terms used during the Workshop is included as an appendix.

Presentations from the workshop are available under 2018 activities/ Fall Sustainability Workshop.