National Biodiesel Foundation Successfully Hosts First Sustainable Biodiesel Tour

May 26, 2016

Key congressional staff and USDA agency officials joined industry leaders for the National Biodiesel Foundation’s Sustainable Biodiesel: Improving the Environment and Economy Tour held this past March in New York City. The one-day educational event included stops at the New York City Department of Sanitation and their emissions testing lab, local heating distributors such as Hart Home Comfort, which is offering Bioheat®, and the offices of the Natural Resources Defense Council where they use Bioheat® to help meet their carbon reduction goals. Briefings were also conducted by state and national experts, technology providers, fleet managers and sustainability officers. When asked what impact knowledge gained on the tour will have on their future work, participants responded, “I frankly did not have much background knowledge of biodiesel [before the tour], so [the information] will be helpful to have going forward.” Another participant had this to say, “The trip provided an opportunity to witness firsthand the benefits of biodiesel from an end user perspective. As someone from a major production state, it was nice to hear from users that didn’t necessarily have a financial interest in the production of the fuel to explain how/why they are using it and seeking to expand its use. Both perspectives are important, but the customer experience often gets brushed under the rug.”

The tour was made possible through the generous donations of Genscape, HERO BX, Mid-America Biofuels, Minnesota Soybean Processors, the National Biodiesel Board, the Renewable Energy Group, and Western Iowa Energy. Plans are underway for hosting the next tour in 2017.

NYC Tour