NBF Hosts 2016 NY Congressional Tour- March 30-31, 2016

Jan 27, 2016

Sustainable Biodiesel: Improving the Environment and Economy
Tour Date:  March 30-31, 2016, New York City 

The National Biodiesel Foundation is proud to announce their first biodiesel and Bioheat® congressional tour of New York City. Organized to provide Congressional staff an opportunity to join industry experts and National Biodiesel Foundation, participants will be provided an interactive experience and information on biodiesel in the Northeast.  

Sponsors for the tour include: the National Biodiesel Board; Lake Erie Biofuel, LLC dba  HERO BX; Renewable Energy Group (REG); Minnesota Soybean Processors; Western Iowa Energy, LLC; Genescape, Inc; and Mid-America Biofuels.

Participants will visit locations including:

  • The New York Department of Sanitation- The sanitation department is one of the largest single users of biodiesel in the country. Biodiesel is used throughout their fleet to meet performance and carbon reduction goals;
  • Hart Home Comfort: Hart Home Comfort is an oil terminal supplying Bioheat® to almost 7,000 homes on Long Island; and
  • Natural Resources Defense Council: NRDC whose mission is to protect natural resources has switched to Bioheat® at their New York headquarters to meet sustainable objectives to reduce emissions and improve efficiency. Biodiesel is a critical tool helping NRDC meet their sustainability goals.

State and national experts, technology providers, fleet managers and sustainability officers will join the bus ride and participate in informative discussions throughout the day. The tour is designed to provide participants a better understanding of environmental and economic impacts of renewable fuels. We will highlight technological advancements that are improving efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of biodiesel use in various applications.

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